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Facts and Questions?

Does the client need to personally fill out the application?
Nope- Anyone can fill out the application for you. Individuals can fill it out online, over the phone, or in person but the application fee MUST be paid at the time of submission in order to process the application. Clients can call directly from jail and we will fill out the application with them over the phone but they must have someone who can submit payment for them before the application will be processed.

What is the minimum charge?
There is a three (3) week minimum commitment and non-refundable initial monitoring payment once accepted and monitors are installed on the client.

Do you share my monitoring information?
We do not share any information about our clients with anyone outside of assigned probation or parole officers and the courts.

Who gets notified if there is a violation?
We follow all orders issued by the courts and notify the proper law enforcement as necessary.

How does the active GPS Tracking work?
The Global Positioning System, or otherwise known as GPS, receives signals transmitted from orbiting GPS Satellites. The ankle monitor units records and transmits the signal to the receiving unit and logs all crucial information such as location, direction, speed, ect… If GPS service is not available the system will automatically default to cell service through our secured network through Verizon wireless. All information is recorded in the online database and reviewed and tracked by our trained personnel.

Are the devices waterproof?
The GPS devices are NOT waterproof, however they are water resistant. Clients should strive to keep devices as dry as possible and not submerge the device under water for periods of time.


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